Ropner Park Vets Bowling Club

The Vets currently play in three leagues; Wednesday afternoons, Friday afternoons and Friday evenings.  The Friday league is not restricted to any age group but the team is run by the Vets.

Wednesday Afternoon Midweek Triples League

  • This is open to both male and female players who  are retired, not working or working less than 20 hours per week

  • Games start at 1:30pm

  • 3 Wood Triples: 3 Rinks :18 Ends

  • Team Captain - Roland How

Wednesday afternoon fixtures and results for 2019

1 May      Ropner Park          v    West End B

8 May      Smiths Dock A      v    Ropner Park

15 May    Ropner Park          v    Stockton

22 May    Nunthorpe             v     Ropner Park

29 May    Ropner Park          v    West End A

5 June     Norton                    v    Ropner Park

12 June   Elm Tree                v     Ropner Park

19 June   Ropner Park          v    Jack Hatfield

26 June   Synthonia              v     Ropner Park v 

3 July      Ropner Park          v    Billingham B C (A)

10 July   Thornaby Village    v    Ropner Park

17 July    Ropner Park           v   Newham Grange

24 July    Cochranes              v    Ropner Park

31 July    Billingham BC (B)  v    Ropner Park

7 Aug      Ropner Park           v    Middlesbrough

Stockton & District Mixed Triples League

Friday Evenings

  • This is open to anyone who is a member of Ropner Park Vets, Ropner Ladies Bowling Club and Ropner Park Bowling Club

  • Male and female players of any age

  • Games start at 6.30pm

  • 3 wood triples: 4 rinks: 15 ends

  • Team Captain David Gowdy 

 Friday Evening Fixtures and results for 2019 

26 April    Ropner Park         v   Synthonia Tigers  

3 May       Thornaby               v   Ropner Park 

10 May     Ropner Park         v    Elm Tree

17 May     West End               v    Ropner Park

24 May     Ropner Park         v    Stockton

31 May     Synthonia Lions   v   Ropner Park

7 June      Ropner Park         v   Eldon Grove 

14 June    Ropner Park         v   Norton

21 June    Hutton Rudby       v   Ropner Park

28 June   Synthonia Tigers  v   Ropner Park

5 July      Ropner Park          v  Thornaby

12 July    Elm Tree                v   Ropner Park

19 July    Ropner Park          v   West End

26 July    Stockton                v   Ropner Park

2 Aug      Ropner Park          v   Synthonia Lions

9 Aug     Eldon Grove            v   Ropner Park

16 Aug   Norton                     v   Ropner Park 

23 Aug   Ropner Park           v   Hutton Rudby 

Teesside Veterans Bowls League (TVBL)

  • This is open to both male and female players who are aged 55 years or over (starting 2019 season)

  • Games are played on Friday afternoons

  • Games start at 1:00pm (starting 2019 season)

  • 2 Wood Fours: 1 Rink:18 Ends 

  • Currently we have four teams playing in the league 
    Team A - 
    Team B - 
    Team C - 
    Team D -