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About us

A little information - who we are  -  where we are  -  what we do - when we do it.

There is a  lot to learn about bowling at Ropner Park Bowling Greens. Luckily there are always plenty of people around that will be able to help answer any questions you may have. Hopefully the information contained on these pages will help a little more.

Our Story

A brief history of bowling at Ropner Park.

The park was opened in 1893 and bowls has been played here since the day the park was created for the benefit of the people of Stockton-on-Tees.

Ropner Park Bowling Club was established in 1895, through the enthusiasm of William Smith, who was an administrator at the County Court in Stockton.

A second club, Stockton United Bowling Club, was formed during the Great War by workers from a local munitions factory.

In 1925, they were joined by a third club - Stockton Rooks Bowling Club.

The wooden pavillion which was built at the turn of the century, was replaced by a brick built one in 1960. In the same year, Ropner Ladies Bowling Club was founded.

Ropner Park Veterans Bowling Club was the final club to come into existence in 1973.

Then in 1992, these clubs formed the Ropner Park Bowling Association, who maintain the greens & buildings on a voluntary basis, under a lease from Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council.

Our Location

How to find us

The bowling greens are situated in the North-East corner of Ropner Park. Marlborough Road & Balmoral Terrace are the two roads that are nearest to the bowling greens.

The greens are signposted on the finger posts, which can be found just inside the entrance gates to the park.

Our address is:

Balmoral Terrace, Oxbridge, Stockton-on-Tees, County Durham

If you are using a satelite navigation system, our postcode is TS18 4DD.

If you are using what3words to find us, purses.emblem.tint will take you to the path that leads to the bowling greens.

The Bowling

An insight

We cater for all at Ropner Park Bowling Greens. From the complete novice taking their first steps onto the green in our coaching sessions, right through to the pride of representing your county in the annual National Finals.

Bowls is a great sport for everyone. Few sports can boast that men and women can take part in them together and still compete on a level playing field. The correct technique & continuous practice in bowls overcomes any advantage in other sports such as height, fitness, age or intelligence.

Here at Ropner Park, you can enjoy meeting friends on the green socially, find the first spark of your competitive streak on one of our Fun Days, join one of our league teams, play in one of the many competitions available, and possibly even play for the County.

Who knows how far your journey will take you?

When to come

Opening times & fees

Although maintained to a high standard by our dedicated greenkeepers, the bowling greens belong to Stockton Borough Council, meaning that members of the public can bowl here at certain times during the week.

The greens are open to the public Monday to Friday, for two sessions. The afternoon session runs from 1pm to 4pm and the evening session runs from 6pm to 8pm.

Green Fees are £3 per session for adults, £1 per session for students & 50p for Juniors.

Please wear flat-soled shoes to avoid damage to the playing surface

If you intend to bowl on a frequent basis, it could be more cost effective to join the Ropner Park Bowling Association as a member.

Our Annual green fees are;

£40 Adult  -  £10 Student  -  £5 Junior

Becoming a member has many benefits, including activities arranged throughout the winter months.

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